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All-in-One Revit Template

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What you will get:

1. Revit Template File (Revit 2019 or later) Metric & Imperial**

  • This also includes a thorough general notes sheet with project info, symbols legend, abbreviations, drawing lists, and all in 4 different scales and more.
  • Dimensions styles in 5 different scales in horizontal style and vertical.
  • Cut and elevation markers in 4 different scale styles Automatic Zone markers tags with the area and finishes types in 4 different scale sizes.
  • Level, section, elevation markers, and north points for all scale sizes Dynamic scale bars for the layout sheets.
  • Dynamic norths for the layout sheets.
  • Text annotation styles for all scale sizes. (Metric or Imperial)
  • Sample project: small sample floor plan, lines layout.
  • Electrical Project template: Small sample floor plan, model components, styling, line types and notes, 30 electrical + lighting components: outlets, recessed, surface lights, fans, smoke detectors, electrical panels + more.
  • Electrical symbols legend, general notes, and ready-to-use Lighting Fixture schedule. Electrical plan and RCP view template.

2. Color table for all scales (.ctb):

  • With preset pen settings, widths, and colors according to the layers ready for installation and printing. Keep all your plans clean and straightforward and always with the same minimalist style.

3. Layout Sheets ready to modify and print:

  • Predesigned, minimalist title block families include three of each of the most common metric sizes. Plus, matching cover sheets in four sizes. Simply add your logo + branding and these simple, clean layouts are ready for plotting.

4. Imperial titles blocks (landscape format):

  • Arch D (36" x 24") Arch D Cover Sheet Arch C (24" x 18") Tabloid (17" x 11")

5. Metric title blocks (landscape format):

  • A1 (841mm x 594 mm) A1 Cover Sheet A2 (594mm x 420mm) A3 (420mm x 297mm)

6. Ebook Guide (PDF):

Installation & styling instructions A complete guide that explains how to use your new complete Revit template step by step, with tips and tricks to help stop wasting time!