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We offer BIM modeling services using Revit, providing accurate and detailed 3D models of buildings and structures. Our team of experienced engineers and designers use Revit software to create intelligent models that include all necessary information such as schedules, quantities, dimensions, and materials. We deliver accurate BIM models that can be used for design, construction, and maintenance purposes. Our service ensures that clients can efficiently plan, visualize, and analyze their projects, minimizing construction errors and reducing costs.

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All our models are prepared in newest version of Revit. We have wide range of models in different categories. There are all scale of models from single lamp to complete kitchen or bedroom.

  • All-in-One Revit Template

    Imagine starting a new drawing knowing all your favorite families, notations and settings are in one place and ready to use. Using a template file ensures every drawing begins with the correct settings and standards each time, all with one click.

  • Increase your productivity up to 1.7x

    This template enables you as an architect to spend your time on what matters - the design, representation and presentation of your project.

  • Creating quality drawings made simple

    Everything is already pre-configured in our template to allow you to make professional-quality plans. We developed an eBook just for you containing all the steps to take with the template in just a few minutes.

  • All the things you need in one file!

    Electrical blocks, annotations, scales, cuts, elevations, axes, types of dimensions and so much more!

    And of course all in different scales!

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Thousands hours of drawing, 3D modeling, sleepless nights and uncountable amount of coffee. We are same as you.

Need some extra assistance? Not sure how to use AutoCAD, problems with SketchUP? Need crack for Revit? (just kidding, buy it!)

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What is BIM and why use it?